Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fun Times At the Garner House (Not )

Gary just dug up the back yard last night so that they can come empty our septic tank today.  Gary thought it was just off the post by the back porch, but he was off by several feet.  I remembered we took pictures of the tank the last time it was dug up, so I ran off to search for them.  I did find the pictures (Just after Gary found the septic tank door.)  So the hole is much bigger than it needed to be (Poor Gary.)  We have been having problems with the toilet overflowing, sure hope this does the trick.

This all brings back memories of ten years ago, the last time Gary dug up the septic tank.  Mother's Day weekend and I had just started my first round of chemo (My hair was starting to fall out.)  Brian and Christy were visiting from Texas with Charity and Mathew (Our first time seeing the little guy.)  Gary had dug up the septic to have it emptied, but found that we also needed a new septic field.  We didn't have money for that, so Gary came up with an idea to try and drill the tiles out.  After a lot of hard work and a smelly mess (In unusually hot weather) he decided it wasn't working.  New idea...lay new tiles in next to the old ones.  Gary hand dug all the trenches, laid and connected the new tiles himself.  Instead of trying to dispose of those stinky old tiles, he just left them there and buried them.

I sure hope it doesn't come to having to dig that septic field up again, don't know how many more tiles can be laid back there.  And I sure don't want to try and dispose of those odorous things.  Besides, Gary's not as young as he use to be!

Just wanted to let everyone know that our sweet grandson, Mathew, helped grandpa out by filling in that big hole all by himself!