Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Year of the Dragon!

Monday was the beginning of the Chinese New Year celebration. According to Wikipedia the Dragon year is the luckiest in the Chinese Zodiac. As it happens, I was born in a dragon year, in fact, I'm a water dragon or so Wikipedia says – I wonder if that's why they couldn't keep me out of the water when I was a kid? My little grandchild, due this July, will also be a water dragon. My son, Brian is a fire dragon and his son, Mathew is a metal dragon. What are the odds of having so many dragons in one family?

Traditional dragon attributes include: Motto – I Reign, Ruling Hours - 7:00 am until 10:00 am, Birthstone – Amethyst, Color – Red, Season & Month – Spring, April, Food – Wheat & Poultry.

Well this sounds just like me! I'm a Red Hatter, so the amethyst and red color fit in perfectly. Being born at the end of July, the regular zodiac has me down as Leo, a lion who also reigns – oh and I did do a stint as a Red Hat Queen. Yes, I'm a morning person, 7:00 am to 10:00 am you might find me ruling from my throne with my laptop.  I just love spring, the sun shinning and the flowers blooming - I  move my throne out into the garden when spring arrives. As far as food goes, bread is my very favorite food and it's made from wheat; chicken and turkey are the main proteins I consume.

So there you go, I'm a natural born dragon. I'm just sitting here waiting for all that luck to rain down on me - it can start any time now!


  1. I dont know what Jessica is but she a fish for sure when it comes to water. lol

  2. This is what Wikipedia says about Jessica's sign the Earth Rat: 鼠 (子) (Yang, 1st Trine, Fixed Element Water): Forthright, tenacious, intense, meticulous, charismatic, sensitive, intellectual, industrious, charming, eloquent, sociable, artistic, and shrewd. Can be manipulative, vindictive, self-destructive, envious, mendacious, venal, obstinate, critical, over-ambitious, ruthless, intolerant, and scheming.

    Season - Winter, Month - December, Gemstone - Garnet, Color - Black, Motto - I rule (similar to the dragon), Ruling hours - 11:00 pm to 1:00 am (Isn't this the time she rules at your house?), Food - Peas, Cabbage, Pork